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For a taste of your Mistress

My Dirty Laundry Collection

My Old Shoes

Phone & E-mail Training Sessions

Ordering Information

Contact: Phone: 410 719-1566  Call 9 AM till 9 PM EST. E-mail:

My Panties My Panties

Fragrant, delicious panties.  Wear them yourself, or just play with them.  Supplies are limited. 


My Stockings My Stockings

Well-worn stockings to sniff and play with to you heart's content. Supplies are limited.  Visit Beneath My Feet web site. 


My Socks My Socks

Dirty socks, need I say more.  Supplies are limited. 


My Old Shoes

My Old Shoes

Lovely old shoes I've worn and worn.  Supplies are always limited.  



Kit.jpg (18589 bytes) Training Application Kit: Are you worthy?

Are you worthy to be my little slave?  My little pet?  My little sissy girl?  My training application kit contains all the instructions you'll need for an in-person session or telephone  interview.  If you want to be mine, this is a good place to start your training.


inkwell.jpg (11385 bytes) E-Mail and Postal Training

Send a generous tribute for e-mail or postal training.

Contact me by e-mail: for details.

How much will you contribute? $$$

Phone Training

Ways to pay for phone calls:

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 CC.jpg (9945 bytes) For phone training sessions, you may call me directly at 410 719-1566 to use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.  Only $40 per 15 minutes.

You may order products by:

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