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Welcome to My Realm!

Contact: Phone: 410 719-9026  Call 10 AM till 8 PM EST. E-mail:

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I am the real thing.

Hi!  I'm Princess Lynne, an experienced, lifestyle, professional dominatrix in Baltimore, Maryland. 

I offer:

In-person sessions
Telephone training
Personal items and fantasy CDs


Princess Lynne steps on a pet

Shall I step on him?

Contact Me:

By phone: 410 719-9026
Call Me 10 AM till 8 PM EST

By e-mail:

My Dungeon:

Convenient to BWI airport and the Baltimore Inner Harbor,  I'm located in a safe, discrete, up-scale neighborhood with good parking.  My dungeon is nicely equipped and I have lots of marvelous toys.

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A Few of My Favorite Things: 


Nipple torture
Spy Interrogation
Hot wax
Edge play, expanding limits

Inescapable bondage

Foot worship
Shoe worship


Cross dressing
Sissy maid training

babypride-small.jpg (8754 bytes) Babysitting

Gags and blindfolds
Feathers and fur
Sensory deprivation
Role Play


Other stuff: just ask me about your favorites.



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My Philosophy:

Safe, Sane and Consensual:

All play is conducted after discussion and is always based on the consent of the submissive.   Although I love to hurt slaves, I never harm them.   Play is always careful and safe.  I use safe words and respect your limits.

The Purpose of Slaves:

Slaves exist for my pleasure.  There is no other reason for slaves to exist.  My pleasure is causing you pain.  I am a sadist.   Although I do enjoy some slaves whom I never torture, my preference is for slaves with a high level of interest in taking pain for me.

Female Supremacy:

Women are superior.  For this reason, I do enjoy my little sissy slaves.  After all, you are trying to be as feminine as possible, which makes you a better potential slave.

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Some boys just love to be
Sissy Girls

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Lady Jennifer

Miss Koko

Mistress Donna

Call 410 719-9026 to ask about how you might qualify to meet one of my sissy girls in a session with me.  These are some of my sissy girls who are in training to be mistresses.  They are discovering the joys of playing with slave property. 

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Princess Lynne, Mistress Psyche, Auntie Michelle, Sorceress Circe

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Ways to pay for phone calls:

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 CC.jpg (9945 bytes) For phone training sessions, you may call me directly at 410 719-9026 to use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.  Only $40 per 15 minutes.


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