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More about Chastity Devices

I have another new chastity slave, and we have had poor luck in finding a device he can wear. We tried the CB6000 first and it just completely split apart. He tried gluing is back together with Gorilla Glue. This was a bad idea. The glue burned his skin.

Then after much research he ordered a Bon4. According to his research, this device would fit him perfectly. When he first put it on, he was so-o-o thrilled. He could feel the little padlock swinging gently when he moved. But on the fourth day, he had developed blisters, and he removed the device in the shower while it was still locked.

He does not have a frenum piercing, nor a PA. Anyone have any suggestions? As you might have gathered from this post, he has a fairly large package.

Princess Lynne

The birth of a cross dresser

One of my closest friends is the primary caregiver for her 7 year-old grandson, and has been since he was born. My friend is not in the scene, but hears all about it from my adventures. She could not help but notice when he was barely 2, he started wanting her to buy him pink skirts and Barbie dolls. Since she had heard me talk about how young some cross dressers are when they first show an interest, she was always very accepting of his desires. She tries to walk a fine line between not overly encouraging him in this direction, while being careful not to put him down either.

At a very young age, he was aware of the social stigma attached to his desires. In stores, if he saw some feminine item he wanted, he’d ask his grandmother to get it for his sister. She allows him to dress up at home and he knows he can’t go out dressed up since other children will tease him for that.

Last week she was talking about his desire for a wig with long hair. He has several Halloween wigs, but they aren’t quite as nice as what he’d like to have. I asked her if she’d like to give him one of the wigs I have for my sissies, since I have many, many of them donated to the cause by several of my sissies. She said that she would like that, so I went through my collection and picked out one with long hair and a smaller cap size and shampooed it to pass on to her when I see her again next week.
This boy is really adorable and I’m sure he looks really beautiful all dressed up. Of course, his grandmother and I keep it a secret from him that I know about his dressing.

Princess Lynne

More Chastity Ideas

I’ve used the CB-6000 with several of my boys. This device breaks easily if you have a slave with a large overall package. I recently tried the Bon-4 silicone chastity device with very good luck. It seems to be one of the most comfortable for long term wear. These devices help a submissive boy to become very submissive.

Princess Lynne

Time keeps flying  by

Time keeps flying by… I can’t believe I’ve neglected this blog for so long.

In spite of the bad economy, I have been very busy. Lots of new boys and the occasional girl to train. Every slave deserves my complete attention and a course of training that is specific to them. I’ve also been quite busy with ClubFEM of Maryland, the very best group of its kind in Maryland, or perhaps the world. Tee hee…

My your MAMA munch group has also been flourishing. For those of you who have not yet attended this group, you should consider coming out on the third Monday of each month to meet us. If you join my Yahoo group, you’ll get an invitation.

Princess Lynne

Hypnosis and Sissy Girls

Many people have asked me how I got started using hypnosis in slave training. Originally it occurred to me that it might be useful with cross dressers who kept trying to quit dressing up. It’s been called “binge and purge”. A sissy spends a lot of money on all kinds of feminine clothing and then decides he has to quit and throws all of his clothes away. Many sissies have done this numerous times. I believe that this fetish is often something the sissy is born with and cannot ever get over the urge to do.

I think it’s makes more sense to accept oneself and try to figure out ways to safely live with the fetish, rather than trying to eliminate it. With sissies who agree that the urge is never going to go away, I began using hypnosis to try to help them accept themselves.

Then I discovered that there are many other people who have a hypnosis fetish. They dream of being hypnotized and that introduced me to a whole new world of things to explore.

Princess Lynne

Making peace with myself

Today, I happily describe myself as being a sadistic pervert. This did not come easily. Jack McGeorge, a beloved and famous kinkster who passed away in 2009, always told us not use the words sadist or masochist to describe ourselves because these are called illnesses as listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). As much as I loved and appreciated Jack, I never agreed with him about this. Perhaps because my first job out of college was doing psychological evaluations and working with the mentally ill. Or perhaps because I’ve watched the changes in the DSM over the years as former illnesses were removed from the manual due to changes in public opinion. Homosexuality is the major example of this. But in any case, I do call myself a sadist.

Coming to the recognition of my sadistic tendencies was largely due to a good friend of mine in the scene who called herself a sadist. Watching her play, I could certainly appreciate why she considered herself sadistic. She always pushed her main slave to take just a bit more for her. Because he so wanted to please her, he always did.

When I first gave spankings and applied various types of torture to slave boys who asked me to do so, I was being a “service top.” I just did it because it was interesting to me and I wanted to give the boy what he wanted. As time went by, I realized that causing pain gave me pleasure. Although to this day, it only works for me if the person being tortured is enjoying himself or herself too. Sometimes slaves of mine ask for more than they really want as a gift to me. But as soon as I see that, it no longer works for me. I appreciate the offer of the gift, but it’s not one I can freely accept.

Princess Lynne

Finding the perfect Mistress

The secret to finding the perfect Mistress is to make friends in the scene. Make friends with every dominant lady you meet whether she is your idea of perfection or not. Make friends with as many other submissives as you can. These are the people who will eventually introduce you to the perfect Mistress.

Over the years of watching scene people find each other and develop relationships, the thing I’ve noticed that works best is getting involved in the local scene. The place that is easiest to start and easiest to find is the BDSM munch. From there, you’ll be able to find all of the educational and social groups in the area. Get involved. Work for these groups and continue making friends. It’s not quick and it’s not easy, but it works.

Princess Lynne

Speaking of parties…

The first scene party I hosted was at my home in Bridgewater, New Jersey. My 13-year old daughter who later went on to study cosmetology did the make-up for one of my sissies before going off to her Dad’s house for the evening. Her friends on the block had to be shooed out before other guests began to arrive.

I did not really have any dungeon equipment, just a few toys, but I expected to have a good time. My baby brother, who was 25 at the time, dressed up in a black teddy, garter belt and stockings and performed “I’m a sweet transvestite” for all the guests.

Later on when I moved to Orange, New Jersey, I had parties about once a quarter. The house I owned in Orange was a 100 year-old mansion that had beautiful high ceilings and 13 rooms. I had beds to sleep 17 guests, but many more people often stayed over and slept anywhere they could. Before each party I’d call the police to let them know that there would be a lot of extra cars on the street and to please not ticket cars for being parked after the 2 AM posted signs. They were always happy to accommodate and usually dropped by at some time during the evening. I also had one neighbor who often called the police to complain. But in spite of the crowd, we never made noise or did anything outside, so the police would come by and tell us there had been a complaint. One cop told me he thought this woman didn’t like to know that anyone anywhere was having a good time. Another cop told me he’d like to steal the riding crop I had in my hand, so I gave it to him with my blessing. Having the local constabulary friendly to us didn’t hurt. We absolutely were not doing anything wrong. There was no charge to attend these parties. People brought food and drink to share. One or more of my slaves made delicious food and made sure to stay to clean things up.

I still did not have any equipment, but I had installed eyebolts in the corners of several doorways. A straight guest once asked me what the eyebolts were for, but several people were talking and I just pretended not to hear him. He didn’t ask again.

Belle DuJour came to one of my parties dressed as a nun. Constance Marie, the founder of Dressing for Pleasure, was a neighbor in the next town over, and she always attended when she could. Danny the Wonder Pony came once or twice to give rides to all the ladies.

These were indeed wonderful times.

Princess Lynne

One slave…

Over the years, I’ve played with many slaves. One I had a long time ago was the cutest little man who was beginning to bald. He always wore a neckerchief on his head and with his dark good looks he gave the impression of being a pirate. I had him attend one of the many parties I used to have in my home, where a hundred or more of my closest friends would show up on Saturday afternoon and go home on Sunday afternoon.

For this party I decided to wear this beautiful white floor length satin petticoat with a lovely white satin and lace teddy. I called it my Scarlet O’Hara caught getting ready for the ball outfit. I decided it would be fun to make my little slave stay under my skirt all night. It was a lovely night, as I walked around talking to my guests while my slave crawled along under my skirt.

Princess Lynne

Foot Slaves

Most of the dominant women I’ve ever known like foot slaves. Since we tend to wear impossibly high heels much of the time in the scene, a good foot massage is a wonderful relief.

I had a couple of really outstanding foot slaves at the Hellfire Club. One of them always gave my feet the most delicious massage with his hands and his tongue. It was always a bit of heaven. He always told me I had the most beautiful and delicious feet in the world, and that my feet did more for him than any other part of any other lady.

Another young man was the most dedicated foot slave I’ve ever met. He’d come over to me and ask whether he could worship my feet, and I’d generally say yes. He’d lie down on the dirty floor, remove my shoes and begin. After a while, I’d want to get up and walk around or just have him stop since my feet were getting all wrinkled from being wet so long. He’d politely get up and leave, but later on he’d be back on the floor sucking on my toes again. By the end of the evening, all the polish on my toes would be gone.

One time after I’d moved to Maryland, I was at a party in Washington, DC. A man had positioned himself in front of the Ladies Room on his back with a rug over his body. He was hoping that ladies on their way to the rest room would step on him. I don’t think any of the ladies did, because it was too dangerous to step on him in high heels without something to hold onto to keep from tripping and falling. Poor boy!

Princess Lynne

Sissy Girls

My long time love of sissy girls began at the Hellfire Club as well. There were these incredible Filipina cross dressers who looked absolutely fabulous. They always arrived in a group of six or 8 girls, dressed in sequined cocktail dresses and looking very beautiful. They were all so tiny and petite, you would never guess they weren’t really women if you had seen them anywhere but in the Hellfire Club. They were the original definition of “mean girls”. They had absolutely no interest in talking to anyone who did not appear to be a potential customer for their call girl services.

These very flashy hookers were, of course, by no means the only cross-dressers, transvestites and drag queens who showed up there. Because I found them fascinating, I ended up making friends with many of them. I always considered them to be some of my girl friends.

Princess Lynne

The best toilet slave…

The best toilet slave I almost met was at a private party in Manhattan. The hostess invited all the lady guests to a back bedroom where a man was lying on the floor on a shower curtain. He had a modified camping porta-potty over his head. Our hostess explained to us that this slave boy was serving as an additional toilet for any of the ladies who wished to use him. I was never introduced to him, but I did use him several times during the course of the evening. From them on I often liked to call my toilet slaves, porta-sluts.

Princess Lynne

Golden showers

I gave my very first golden shower at the Hellfire Club in Manhattan. A dominant lady friend of mine asked me if I would piss on this man for her. She’d promised him she would, but it turned out she had a shy bladder and was not able to do it. I told her I’d be happy to try, although I wasn’t sure whether I could.

She had him in one of the wooden cubbies in the back room. This one was set up like a pony stall and the man was lying on the floor on his back. I went in, squatted down over his face and pissed in his mouth. This turned out to be a very good thing for both of us.

The Hellfire Club at that time had one nasty dirty toilet for a club that may have had 350 people in attendance on a Saturday night. By 3 o’clock in the morning, there was always a long line to use that dirty toilet. Men have a tendency to piss all over the floor, and women have a tendency to piss all over the toilet seat.
After that first golden shower, there were always two or three boys who would follow me around all evening asking to buy me drinks with the hope that I would use them as my toilet later on. It was always much nicer to kneel over a boy’s face than to wait in line to use that filthy toilet.

Princess Lynne

How I got in the scene

I became curious about the S&M clubs that were advertised in “Screw Magazine”, so I got up my nerve and went to a club in Manhattan called Club O. The club was very fancy, and looked quite a bit like Plato’s Retreat. It had lots of marble and fountains and a beautiful wooden bar that may have been an antique. This was in November of 1981.

But I was terribly disappointed with Club O. They had staff members running around with little plastic whips doing little plastic scenes. At this point I knew nothing about S&M, but I knew this wasn’t it. So, I was complaining to the bartended and she said there was a couple there I probably would enjoy meeting. She introduced me to Terry and her husband Bert. They told me they would be going to another club later when Club O closed at 2 or 3 AM, and invited me to follow them down to this other club. Since I’d already done the scariest part, coming out to Club O, I told them I would like that.

When Club O closed I followed them down into the Meat Packing District, to a club called Hellfire. It was down in the basement and it was dirty and nasty and I loved it.

After that weekend, I was at the Hellfire Club every weekend for months on end. I’d go in on a Friday or a Saturday or occasionally on a Sunday. But I didn’t miss a week. After a few months I had to ask myself whether I really needed to go to this sleazy club every weekend, and the answer turned out to be yes. I really did need this.

Princess Lynne

Chastity Recommendation

I just advised my potential houseboy, who is auditioning today, to purchase the ClubFEM chastity devise to help him with a problem of masturbating too much. He’s agreed to purchase it. This should be fun for me.

Princess Lynne


All dominant ladies have their own protocol. To be a proper slave, you must learn and observe the protocol of the lady you serve. Remember all dominant ladies are completely correct in their rules for their slaves.

Princess Lynne

If you’re looking…

If you’re looking for a Mistress, your very best bet is to get involved with whatever local scene is available. Attend BDSM munches, or any educational and social groups in your area. Make friends with everyone, and this will put you in the very best position to meet the dominant of your dreams.

Princess Lynne

Looking for a new houseboy or sissy maid

I’ve been looking for a new houseboy or sissy maid. My sissy wife, Jennifer, is wonderful at cleaning and household chores, but when she’s not at her job, I have other more interesting things to do with her.

I’ve gotten lots of interest from boys, but so far none has really worked out. What’s a poor princess to do?

Princess Lynne